It is almost a cliché to say that travelling broadens the mind. But how, and in what way? 

If you are prepared to empty your mind of daily routines and you don't try to recreate them where you are going, if you don't go travelling with the purpose of comparing a new place with what you know, If you are prepared to look past the obvious, past the sights and sounds of the travel brochures and blogs, if you believe that “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” then it can be the most creative experience.


I have travelled to more than 100 countries and the result is a sense that the world really is not all it seems. I have learned not to accept life at face value, not to judge people’s actions by comparison to my own I have learned that I and indeed my own community are a tiny part of the while. I have learned that culture is always defined by humanity however different it might be. I have learned that sights and sounds and scents are nectar. I have learned that being alone in travel for those moments when you are completely absorbed my your new experiences and there is no one who knows where you are or what you are experiencing at that moment is liberating. I have learned from travel to be free. 

The net result? I have become more creative and more tolerant because I have learned that we all share a common humanity but each new experience is part of the raw materials from which we may better build ourselves.