Money makes the world go round. When it does not rotate quite as quickly as you desire do you reach out to a money lender? Or do you loathe the money lenders, the usurers?

In his varied and extensive career in the money lending industry, George Watson has seen money lending in all its manifestations and became fascinated by its history and by its various effects on people and societies. Money lending has become an all-embracing all consuming monolith which either serves societies or devours them depending on your view.


Living life as both lender and borrower, encountering people from every part of the economic and social spectrum, there grew a deep understanding of the extent to which money lending in all its forms affects and implicates everyone, whilst simultaneously, society candy coats the activity and avoids the moral choices. 
This book examines how life connects us all to the money lenders, how it started, how it evolved and where it is now. It examines the humour, the pathos, the successes and failures of an activity that has affected us or infected us since the dawn of history.

Is it good or evil? You make up your mind. You are part of it.

A Money Lender’s Tale is a profound and informative book about a fascinating topic that is growing in popularity as well as notability, and I have to admit that A Money Lender’s Tale written by the talented George Watson is one of the best books on the subject on the market today. You may be thinking “how can a book about money lending be entertaining?!” but trust me book lovers when I write that it is a superb book that is full of many intriguing facts that will make you feel pure enjoyment. One of the best selling qualities about A Money Lender’s Tale is the fact that it is incredibly unique and never before have I read a book of this nature so to read a book about this topic, in-depth, from somebody who has a wealth of experience and knowledge, ensured that I was entertained from start to finish. Already I would recommend A Money Lender’s Tale to all of those that have an interest in finance as well as society but if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more about the sensational A Money Lender’s Tale!


A Money Lender’s Tale is a fascinating book written by the author George Watson and Watson throughout his expertly written book, will take his readers on a journey of finance. Watson is a talented man, and he has had an ‘extensive career in the money lending industry.’ Because Watson has this experience and knowledge, he is well equipped to take us on a journey of finance and money lending, and he does this perfectly throughout A Money Lender’s Tale by highlighting every aspect of money lending and highlighting that it affects all parts of society.

George Watson is passionate about finance and its history, and that is certainly clear in his literature because from beginning to end he enthusiastically writes about the topic and in turn it keeps the reader hooked from start to end.

The knowledge laced throughout the book of A Money Lender’s Tale will fascinate readers and excite those in business positions as well as those that are interested in finance and society because these readers will be provided with a wealth of information that will intrigue readers from the very beginning. The topics explored will open readers eyes to the information but also about how important and fundamental the topics are. I expressed briefly that Watson clearly knows a lot about the topics discussed throughout the book and he most certainly does because the knowledge laced through his book is in-depth and well explained so that no reader, even beginners will be confused. Although the book is dense in text and has a lot of words that beginners in finance will not quite understand, everything is explained well so I would find it hard to believe that a reader could get lost reading the book; and that is because Watson perfectly guides his readers from beginning to end, informing and educating them every step of the way.

A Money Lender’s Tale is an outstanding book that is highly informative as well as engaging because even if you are not in some form of business and finance, you will still find the book engaging thanks to the wealth of knowledge, research and the exceptional and positive attitude courtesy of the sensational author George Watson.

The journey Watson takes his readers on is incredible and will open many readers eyes to society and finance. Watson explores many topics all thoroughly, and the result is eye-opening as well as incredibly entertaining! I loved how Watson did this in A Money Lender’s Tale and decided to not only inform his readers but also open their eyes to many topics that are not widely known.

George Watson has managed to accomplish the almost impossible.. he has managed to write a finance book that is not only informative and useful but also entertaining! I have to admit that I was surprised by just how entertaining the book was; I believe this is thanks to Watson’s easy to read, fluent writing style and his ability to keep his readers engaged from the start with the discussion of new topics.

As I am a huge lover of this book and think not only the authors writing but the wealth of information is incredible, I have no choice but to award this sensational book a stellar five stars because it’s utterly brilliant! If you are a reader who is interested in the topics explored in A Money Lender’s Tale then I recommend that you read this book as it is remarkable and will keep you turning the pages for hours on end!